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HTML meta tag.
Metadata is data information about data. The meta tag provides metadata about the HTML document. Metadata will not be displayed on the page, but will be machine parsable. Meta elements are typically used to specify page description, keywords, author of the document, last modified, and other metadata.
How to Add Keywords to HTML Chron.com.
The easiest way to optimize a website is to add keywords so that search engines quickly find out what your website is about. You add keywords to HTML pages by including the Meta Keywords tag inside the Head section of the code.
How to Use Keywords in HTML and SEO.
That extra information could mean the difference from a customer clicking on your site for information or on someone else's. HTML Keywords and Search Engines. Instead of relying on the keywords meta tag, think about keywords in the actual content of your web page.
Using Meta Tags in HTML: Some Basics and Best Practices SitePoint.
Metadata is often referred to as data about data and one of the ways its done on web pages is by means of the meta tag. The content of meta tags generally describes information about the HTML page which usually cannot be represented by any other HTML tags. In addition to that, the meta tag can also be used to emulate an HTTP response header like redirection to a different page and it has attributes like http-equiv and charset, the details of which have been described clearly on the Mozilla Developer Network. Why are Meta Tags Important? In the past, meta tags were used by search engines to index web pages based on title, description, and even keywords.
How To Use HTML Meta Tags Search Engine Watch.
In the U.S, that is the UTF-8 tag. Just make sure this is on your page if youre delivering HTML using English characters. meta http-equivContent-Type" contenttext/html" charsetUTF-8" Conclusion. While meta tags arent the magical solution that you may have heard, they still play an important role in helping your site get found in search engines. Enjoy your metas! Below are some additional resources to help you on your path to search engine optimization. Learn these Key Skills to Boost Search Rankings. Back to Basics SEO 101. How to Get More Clicks in Googles Evolving SERPs. Basic SEO Troubleshooting With XML Sitemaps. How to Harmonize Google With Your Other Social Platforms. Improve Your Organic Rankings With Google Places. Rich Snippets for Apps: A New Way to be Seen in SERPs. Video SEO: Video Metadata Optimization. Claim Your SERP Real Estate With Googles Product Extension Ads. 10 Elements of a Perfectly Optimized Page. Want to stay on top of the latest search trends? Get top insights and news from our search experts. The ultimate guide to choosing keywords for ROI.
How to use
Add the following meta-tags in the HTML source of your web-page.: meta name" keywords" content" meta, metatags, meta tag, meta tags, submit, search engines, spiders, sites, submit site, search engine submit, website, submit website, add meta tags, find website, be found on internet, keywords, keyword."
Specifying keywords and description.
In our HTML code, we first created the keywords tag by setting the name attribute to keywords. Thus this starts our keyword tag. The content attribute of the meta tag contains the information that you want to add to a particular meta tag.
Metatag Wikipedia.
Op het world wide web kunnen ook metatags gebruikt worden om paginas te annoteren. In HTML, de taal waarin webpaginas geschreven worden, is hier een speciale faciliteit voor opgenomen. Een metatag is dan de informatie die bovenaan in een HTML-document wordt geplaatst, in de tag head. Tegenwoordig maken ook andere standaarden gebruik van metatags, bijvoorbeeld het Resource Description Framework. Deze metatags verschaffen meer informatie over de pagina, zoals keywords sleutelwoorden die handig zijn voor zoekmachines of description een korte beschrijving van de pagina.

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