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SEO Important Meta Tags Keyword, Robot Description Tag Best Practices.
I always thought if your titles are very spammy keyword stuffed, your keywords are very spammy, and your meta description is very spammy, Google might stop right there if classifying your page even big corporations want to save bandwidth at some time.
Google: meta keywords description niet gebruikt in ranking EdWords.nl Search Marketing Blog.
Waarom negeert Google de meta keywords tag? De reden dat Google de meta keywords tag Wikipedia uitleg al jaren niet meer gebruikt Google heeft de meta keywords tag zelfs nooit ondersteund is eenvoudig: te veel mensen hebben de meta keywords tag misbruikt.
How to use
Add the following meta-tags in the HTML source of your web-page.: meta name" keywords" content" meta, metatags, meta tag, meta tags, submit, search engines, spiders, sites, submit site, search engine submit, website, submit website, add meta tags, find website, be found on internet, keywords, keyword."
Meta title, meta description meta keywords De Complete Gids met Tips.
In deze complete gids leren we je wat meta titles, meta descriptions en een meta keywords. Je komt te weten hoe ze te gebruiken of in het geval van meta keywords waarom je ze best kan mijden als de pest.
HTML meta tag.
The metadata can be used by browsers how to display content or reload page, search engines keywords, or other web services. HTML5 introduced a method to let web designers take control over the viewport the user's' visible area of a web page, through the meta tag See Setting" The Viewport" example below.
Meta keywords: why we don't' use them Yoast.
You would think this post would be redundant by now: people know that the meta keyword tag is useless nowadays, right? Yet we still see site owners using meta keywords on their websites and, according to Google Trends, people are still searching for meta keywords, although there seem to be fewer queries than 5 years ago.
Meta Keywords Tag 101: How To Legally" Hide Words On Your Pages For Search Engines.
Still, I can tell Ask has a version with the meta keywords tag on it since Im getting back my home page when searching for words in that tag. As with Yahoo, the meta keywords tag IS used for retrieval.
What are Meta Tags and why is it important?
Yes some search engines do completely scrap the meta tags and it won't' hurt you not to have them. But don't' you think the fact that yahoo and ask retrieves meta keywords they've' indexed according to Danny Sullivan is a little bit more help for your SEO?
Meta Keywords: What They Are and How They Work WordStream.
Most search engines have realized that sites can easily game the meta keywords field with black-hat keyword stuffing, so meta keywords are no longer an important part of the Google ranking algorithm. More attention ought to be paid to Title Tags and Meta Descriptions than to Meta Keywords.
Meta Tags How Google Meta Tags Impact SEO WordStream.
Google has also stated that keywords in meta descriptions wont affect your rankings. However, a compelling meta description tag could entice searchers to click through from the SERP to your site, especially if the description includes the keywords they were searching for.

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